Recruitment Services

Outsourced Recruitment & Contractor Placement

Garneau Group brand’s Permanent Recruiting Team is dedicated and committed to working with their clients and ensuring their requirements are being met. We don’t walk away from challenging roles: we remain committed to getting the job done.

Our team prides itself on following “Best Practices” as well as being a trusted advisor to both our clients and candidates. Our approach is simple: we listen to what you need and present you with only the highest caliber candidates.

Professional Recruitment / Outsourced Recruitment

We use a consultative approach to working with clients, and customize our standard process of behavioral assessments, testing, personality assessments and references/background checks to aid in the selection of the “right” candidate for your company. We work on your behalf to make your job easier and more efficient by decreasing the amount of resumes to review and reducing the amount of interviews to conduct before identifying the “right” candidate.

Contractor Placement

We can also find people to fill contract positions. Mega projects or extended illness, maternity leave, etc. can be handled by our recruiters focused exclusively on sourcing, qualifying and providing excellent people looking for these types of employment opportunities. Contract-to- hire is a great option for smaller companies looking to avoid up-front recruitment costs.

Russ Thompson

I appreciate Sebastien’s personable approach and his desire to make sure that I was treated well and fairly by any Agency with which I decided to work. Sebastien is open and honest about what he is trying to accomplish both personally and for those of us whom he represents. Sure, he’s in business and representing former Authorized personnel is good for business, however my wife and I feel that Sebastien’s interest in me is sincere: I’m not just another invoice number to him.


Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the personal touch that your team provides. Working with people that take the time to understand my personal situation, needs and goals and then provides me with the service and flexibility that I require is a big load off my mind. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship. Thanks again.