Payroll funding for staffing firms

Flexible Funding Solutions

Garneau Group is a leading provider of working capital and strategic services for the contract staffing industry. We provide flexible solutions tailored to meet the needs of staffing firms both large and small.

As staffing industry experts, we understand the cash flow realities faced by staffing firms. We offer flexible payroll funding to staffing agencies at extremely competitive rates, because we can.

No two staffing firms are alike. That’s why we offer customized working capital solutions to help you cover payroll and take on new staffing projects to support growth. You’ll be matched with an expert account team who provide unparalleled service on credit research, collections management and cash receipts. In addition we can advise you on our fast and flexible payroll funding options.

We appreciate you may have an existing relationship with a payroll funding agency. On the surface, it may seem easier to maintain the status quo rather than research other options. But learning about the comprehensive suite of services available from a company like Garneau Group can give you the assurance you need to pursue your long-term growth plans with confidence.

Back office operations
The daily demands of back office administration pull you away from finding great clients and candidates, and growing your business. In addition to our payroll funding, we provide a menu of back office solutions to choose from.
Our team has the skills and expertise to manage and support your back office administrative needs.
Payroll and Timekeeping
Accurate, error-free payroll processing is critical to keeping the quality candidates you've worked so hard to find and bring on board. Our payroll processing and timekeeping services are designed specifically for staffing agencies.
Payroll Taxes
Payroll tax administration is time consuming, and even the smallest errors can have major consequences. Garneau Group has the experience and resources to manage tax compliance in Canada.
Our tax expertise is specifically on staffing, so unlike a general processor, we fully understand the intricacies of your business.
Managing the varied invoice demands of multiple clients can become time consuming and complicated. Receivables are critically important for your business. Our error-free, on-time invoicing service gives you more predictable cash flow for operating your business.
We work with carefully selected third party vendors to provide additional support services that go beyond our standard back office operations. These include background checks, receivables insurance and more. Our support services eliminate the headache associated with finding the services you need, so you can focus on growing your business.
Credit Research
The excitement of taking on new clients can quickly fade when you face accounts receivables challenges. Knowing your prospective client's payment history is key to strategic, profitable growth.
Our credit research service helps you make informed decisions for your staffing agency.
Garneau Group offers accounts receivable (A/R) and collections management as an added benefit to our clients. We become an extension of your accounting department to help ensure the timely payment of outstanding and delinquent receivables.
Custom Reports
We provide a range of reporting options including collection reports, detailed aging analysis and average pay day reports.
Russ Thompson

I appreciate Sebastien’s personable approach and his desire to make sure that I was treated well and fairly by any Agency with which I decided to work. Sebastien is open and honest about what he is trying to accomplish both personally and for those of us whom he represents. Sure, he’s in business and representing former Authorized personnel is good for business, however my wife and I feel that Sebastien’s interest in me is sincere: I’m not just another invoice number to him.


Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the personal touch that your team provides. Working with people that take the time to understand my personal situation, needs and goals and then provides me with the service and flexibility that I require is a big load off my mind. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship. Thanks again.