Contract Workforce Management

Do you find that a significant portion of company time and resources are eaten up managing your temporary workforce?  Do you worry about whether you’re meeting all of the regulatory requirements that govern the hiring of contract workers?

A Managed Services Program (MSP) may be just what your company needs.  An MSP is like having an arms-length partner in your business.  Our MSP service centralizes and consolidates your contract workers, whether vendor or directly sourced.  We assume the end-to-end contract management function so that you are able to focus on your core business.

As experts in Contractor Management, Staff Augmentation and Outsourced Payroll, Garneau Group is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive management services of independent contractors.  By providing an MSP for your business, we deliver you peace of mind that this aspect of your business is being handled efficiently and seamlessly.

Benefits of a Managed Services Program include
By relieving your company of the administrative demands of managing temporary workers, we can help you realize significant time and cost savings.
Government regulations for contract workers are different from those governing permanent employees. With our end-to-end contract management service and expert knowledge of labour regulations, we reduce your risk exposure by ensuring you are in compliance.
Gain access to higher quality talent through our comprehensive Staff Augmentation services. Our operational efficiencies and extensive contractor networks give you more control over who you hire and how you hire.
Our analytics reporting allows you to make informed decisions about your workforce.
Russ Thompson

I appreciate Sebastien’s personable approach and his desire to make sure that I was treated well and fairly by any Agency with which I decided to work. Sebastien is open and honest about what he is trying to accomplish both personally and for those of us whom he represents. Sure, he’s in business and representing former Authorized personnel is good for business, however my wife and I feel that Sebastien’s interest in me is sincere: I’m not just another invoice number to him.


Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the personal touch that your team provides. Working with people that take the time to understand my personal situation, needs and goals and then provides me with the service and flexibility that I require is a big load off my mind. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful working relationship. Thanks again.